Frank-Ster (__rockmonkey__) wrote in bl_ichallenge,

Challenge #07- Lyric

The challenge this round is a chorus challenge. Using these lyrics, make an icon. You must include at least one line of the lyrics provided. You are allowed to use any BL screencap/picture.

"Hand's Down"- Dashboard Confessional
Breathe in for luck, breathe in so deep, this air is blessed, you share with me
This night is wild, so calm and dull, these hearts they race from self control
Your legs are smooth, as they graze mine, ee're doing fine, we're doing nothing at all
My hopes are so high, that your kiss might kill me.
So won't you kill me, so I die happy?
My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury,
Or wear as jewelery, which ever you prefer.

Please note the new rules- use any lyrics you want, as long you post what song it's from on your entry :)

The deadline for your entries is August 5th, one week more than usual.
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