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Brooke and Lucas Icon Challenge [entries|friends|calendar]
Brooke and Lucas from 'One Tree Hill' Icon Challen

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[22 Jul 2006|10:33pm]

My Website.

One Tree Hill Forever

Screencaps. Clips. Icons. Videos. Downloads and more...

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[14 Sep 2005|01:47am]

This community is pretty much dead. PLEASE enter the challenges :( The header challenge is extended untio October 10th.
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Challenge #7- Header [02 Sep 2005|12:30pm]

Okay, we're back from Hiatus! This week's challenge is a special one- Header contest! This week, you'll make a LiveJournal header for members to use. If the header is over 600x600 pixels, post the link rather than the whole image. You can use any Bl or Chad/Sophia pictures you want, so have fun :) This challenge will end on Thursday, September 8th.
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[15 Aug 2005|02:15pm]

bl_ichallenge is now on


No one is entering challenges! So, until the beginning of September, no updates. See you September 1st!
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[07 Aug 2005|04:01pm]

bl_ichallenge is currently looking for a new mod!

Application under hereCollapse )

If you're interested, apply under the cut.

EDIT: We may or may not be accepting a new mod. It depends. But you can still apply.
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[07 Aug 2005|03:53pm]

Alright, the challenge is extended to next friday, the 12th. No one's entering the challenge! That's why this is the new challenge:

Now, you can use any lyrics you want, just post what song it's from on your entry.

After that challenge, this place will go on a temporary hiatus, and will return later this month. Punk's busy on a BL site, and me and dial-up is screwing things up.

Thanks to _touched for bringing this up :)
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Winners of #6 and Week Reminder [29 Jul 2005|10:55pm]

Here are the winners for Challenge #6! Sorry it took long


loveandfriends and dumbstruckk

SECOND PLACE- obsessive_love EDIT: obsessive__love Sheesh. Never seen anybody so worked up about accidently replacing an 's' with a 'c'
THIRD PLACE- mrsotown

Banners will be posted shortly, and don't forget to enter challenge #7- the deadline is next week, August 5th!
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Challenge #07- Lyric [24 Jul 2005|09:08pm]

The challenge this round is a chorus challenge. Using these lyrics, make an icon. You must include at least one line of the lyrics provided. You are allowed to use any BL screencap/picture.

Lyrics behind hereCollapse )

The deadline for your entries is August 5th, one week more than usual.
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[24 Jul 2005|09:06pm]

I AM SOO SORRY for the late voting. I've been busy. So, the voting's behind the cut

Voting behind here...Collapse )

You can vote till Wednesday.
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Mid Week Reminder + Banners [20 Jul 2005|02:27am]

Okay guys- 2 more days till the deadline, Friday, July 22nd!

And here are the banners for the winners.

Banners under hereCollapse )

siscokid98, I don't know why, but your banner couldn't upload. I'll try to get it up, promise :)
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Challenge #6 [17 Jul 2005|03:24pm]

This is the best idea I could think of...
Grab your favorite picture/screencap of BL and turn it into an icon. You can use any picture, being it features Brooke and Lucas. Nobody else. Just BL. NO CHAD AND SOPHIA ICONS!!! :)
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[17 Jul 2005|02:54pm]

Grrr. Sorry about the late winner post. Punk's been busy with HL and my computer's being fixed for something. So, here are the winners.

First Place- mrsotown

Second Place- siscokid98

Third Place- Obcessive__love

(I couldn't post the icons because for some reason, my computer won't let me make the < in reverse :0 )

Just a note- there were a LOT of ties for 4th and 5th, so don't feel bad if you didn't win anything!

Banners will be posted when I get my computer back/install PSP9 on the other computer I'm using.
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[12 Jul 2005|04:19pm]

Sorry the voting is late! I had computer problems for like a year. Well, here it is... Poll behind here...Collapse )
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[06 Jul 2005|11:09pm]

Enter the challenge! We only have 2 entries!! I might have to extend this round to next week, so make the icons and hurry!
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Challenge 5- 2x16 "Somewhere a Clock is Ticking" [03 Jul 2005|11:52pm]

Challenge 5 is up! The challenge theme this round is ep. 2x16 "Somewhere a Clock is Ticking", which had some great BL scenes. Caps by bentfire. Standard rules apply.

Pics under here...Collapse )
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[03 Jul 2005|07:22pm]

Congrats to the winners!

Winners Under Here...Collapse )
If Challenge 5 isn't up tonight, they'll be up on Tuesday, as Punk and myself won't be available tommorow, Monday, July 4th.
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[02 Jul 2005|01:01pm]
Challenge #4 voting has begun!Remember not to vote for yourself and vote for your top THREE icons.
Poll Behind here...Collapse )
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Mid-Week Reminder [30 Jun 2005|09:35pm]

All ENTRIES ARE DUE TOMMOROW! Send in all entires now guys
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Challenge #4 - Photoshoots. [27 Jun 2005|12:11pm]
Challenge #4 is based on Season 1/Season 2's photoshoots.You may choose whatever picture you wish but it MUST be Brooke/Lucas/BL related.Their are pictures here,here and here thanks to OTH Central.org. Entries are due this Friday.Good luck!
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Challenge #3 Winners [27 Jun 2005|12:07pm]
Congratulations to the winners!
and the winners are...Collapse )
Challenge #4 will be posted shortly.
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