Challenge #7- Header

Okay, we're back from Hiatus! This week's challenge is a special one- Header contest! This week, you'll make a LiveJournal header for members to use. If the header is over 600x600 pixels, post the link rather than the whole image. You can use any Bl or Chad/Sophia pictures you want, so have fun :) This challenge will end on Thursday, September 8th.

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Alright, the challenge is extended to next friday, the 12th. No one's entering the challenge! That's why this is the new challenge:

Now, you can use any lyrics you want, just post what song it's from on your entry.

After that challenge, this place will go on a temporary hiatus, and will return later this month. Punk's busy on a BL site, and me and dial-up is screwing things up.

Thanks to _touched for bringing this up :)

Challenge #07- Lyric

The challenge this round is a chorus challenge. Using these lyrics, make an icon. You must include at least one line of the lyrics provided. You are allowed to use any BL screencap/picture.

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The deadline for your entries is August 5th, one week more than usual.